Dry cleaning: detailing of cars, yachts, boats, planes, helicopters

Professional dry cleaning and detailing of the interior are just as important as vehicle maintenance. High-quality and timely cleaning will not only ensure a flawless appearance of the interior, but also give a feeling of absolute cleanliness and comfort during the journey.

The KRUFFS agency specialists are pleased to offer you dry cleaning and detailing for the surface, air and water transport. Regular and timely cleaning of the interior, as well as specialized care for the interior details, will protect the surfaces from the premature wear and subsequent expensive reupholstering. In our work, we use only professional equipment and premium specialized chemicals from the leading manufacturers.

The following services are available:

✔️ Dry cleaning and detailing of the car interior;

✔️ Dry cleaning and detailing of the yacht and boat cabins; 

✔️ Dry cleaning and detailing of the helicopter or airplane cabin;

✔️ Polishing and protection of the wooden / plastic interior surfaces;

✔️ Restoration of the seat upholstery, including that from the genuine leather;

✔️ Presale service of the cars, yachts, boats, planes, helicopters.

Professional dry cleaning is a responsible process. It differs from amateur cleaning by its increased attention to the small details, special scrupulousness and compliance with all technological processes. Hurry or an attempt to save money at any stage can lead to sad consequences in the form of smeared dirt and irreversibly damaged upholstery.

We will help you to avoid such situations. The KRUFFS agency specialists have many years of experience in the field of dry cleaning of transport interiors, they are steadily adhering to the international cleanliness standards. We guarantee you the high quality cleaning and a perfect result with all our responsibility!


Dry cleaning steps:

1. Mechanical removal of all kinds of garbage. 

Professional vacuum cleaners, with a set of special nozzles, allow cleaning the most inaccessible places. We do the dry cleaning of seats and covers, upholstery of the ceiling, doors, floor, rugs, dashboard and face of the glove compartment, trunk, hard-to-reach places and interstices. The surfaces are cleaned from the dust, dirt, fluff, crumbs, residues of pet hair, human hair.

2. Wet chemical cleaning using professional auto chemicals.

This is the most responsible and time-consuming process, requiring attention and competent selection of the means. All interior elements are treated with a special steam generator, which allows us to soften the surface for better penetration of the chemicals, and also performs a disinfecting function. After treating the interior with steam, we spray the cleaning products onto the treated areas. The right choice of the detergent guarantees the careful, but at the same time 100% removal of old and difficult spots. It is very important at this stage to wash away both the dirt and the chemical residues; they are removed with a washing vacuum cleaner. Chemical cleaning should always be carried out from top to bottom, from the ceiling, side upholstery and seats to the floor, otherwise it loses all meaning.

The chemical agents should also be selected in the strict accordance with the type of surface to be treated. The car care products for genuine leather differs from the solutions for velor and car fabric, and even more so from the detergents for plastic. There is no such thing as a “universal shampoo” in professional dry cleaning; ignoring the technology can lead to sad consequences in the form of faded stains and irreversibly spoiled appearance of the upholstery.

3. After the wet cleaning step, the drying process begins.

The seats and upholstery are dried using a special professional dryer. The duration of this stage can differ in its time range, as the drying speed depends on the size of the passenger compartment and the temperature and humidity of the environment.

4. The final stage of the dry cleaning is to apply professional protective and nanoceramic agents for the interior. 

The leather interior elements are treated with the special protective compounds that enhance the color, maintain the softness, protect the leather from drying out and cracking, extend the service life many times over. The hydrophobic agents are applied to the fabric coatings, if necessary. The plastic interior elements are covered with the restoring and protective polishes.

Dry-cleaning of the yachts and boats is carried out according to a similar technological scheme. The differences can only appear in the final part, where the care for natural wood coatings is added.

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