Custom-made tents

Custom-made tents is one of our successfully developing areas. Extensive practical experience, modern sewing tools as well as high-quality fabrics allow us to produce covering products of any shape, size and complexity.

If you need to get a custom-made tent according to individual sizes - we will be glad to help you! Our specialists will take measurements, as well as develop a design and drawing, personalized according to your wishes. They will help you decide on the choice of tent fabric, fulfill your order efficiently, and create practical and durable products. With a strong skill honed over the years, we guarantee that you will get the products you had ordered of high quality and on time!

Sewing and manufacturing of tents in Kyiv

Premium Studio KRUFFS specializes in the manufacture of covers for various kinds of transport: yachts, boats, jet skis, airplanes, helicopters, cars. trailers, motorcycles and agricultural machinery, as well as canopies for cafes, sports grounds, swimming pools and much more!

Individual approach to each client allows us to always find the most effective cooperation schemes. Strict quality control at all stages of tent production guarantees high reliability and quality of the ordered products.

In the premium Studio KRUFFS (Kyiv) you can order:

✔️ Running and parking awnings for boats, yachts, boats, jet skis

✔️ Awnings for cars, pickups, trailers and semi-trailers, agricultural machinery

✔️ Awnings & covers for motorcycles, quads, buggies, scooters

✔️ Awning curtains for car service and car wash

✔️ Construction awnings and covers, shelters for goods, building materials

✔️ Sun protection beach awnings

✔️ Garden gazebos and tents for country swing

✔️ Covers for pools and playgrounds 

✔️ Flexible soft PVC windows for terraces

✔️ Awnings for street cafes

✔️ Individual tailoring of summer tents and canopies for events, pavilions of any complexity

✔️ Tailoring of non-standard products

✔️ Design development, manufacturing, delivery and installation of all manufactured products

Professional advice: +38 (067) 319 77 14; +38 (095) 597 57 58

Boat and yacht awnings manufacturing

We can quickly sew any kind of awning for a yacht or boat. Depending on the purpose, a transport cover is designed to protect your water transport from road dust, gravel and rain.

A transport awning is designed to protect the hull of a boat or cutter during transportation from road dust, gravel and rain. It can be also used as a parking one.

A sailing awning will make your stay on board comfortable in any weather, will protect the wheelhouse and deck while the vessel is moving through the water from splashes, wind and precipitation. Tailoring of a sailing awning for yachts and boats is carried out from especially special materials that have durability, increased resistance to weathering, and retain their aesthetic, presentable appearance and ventilation properties for a long time. The presence of soft transparent windows on the running awning not only improves its appearance, but also increases the viewing area,which greatly facilitates transport management.

Tailoring and manufacturing of car covers according to individual sizes.

Car awnings and covers are made of waterproof fabric which is highly durable, lightweight and flexible. Production of car covers is made according to individual transport sizes, which guarantees an excellent fit of the product. A car cover is a guarantee of safety and a reliable way to protect your vehicle not only during parking, but also during transportation. In our studio you can order tailoring of an awning for a car of any brand and model. We also carry out a complete re-fitting of the interior with genuine leather, sew custom seat covers made of Alcantara, eco-leather and other automotive fabrics.

Sewing awnings for trailers, pickups and semi-trailers

As we make custom awnings for trailers, you can choose the most suitable option both in terms of functionality and cost. An awning for a passenger trailer is an actual and modern means of protecting cargo from external influences and unnecessary attention of others. Awnings make it possible to hide material and commodity values during transportation or storage, and also make it possible to carry out cargo transportation throughout the year. In our studio you can order a tent for trailers, pickups and semi-trailers of various modifications. In the production of awnings, we use the best awning fabrics, which are carefully controlled and have all the necessary quality certificates.

Awnings for ATVs, buggies, motorcycles, scooters

Proper storage of motor vehicles affects not only the appearance, but also the operational properties of the mechanism. Even if your iron horse is kept in the garage, a protective cover will not be a superfluous thing in the household. If stored indoors for a long time, it will become a reliable shelter from settling dust and accidental scratches. During the period of operation and forced street parking, it will reliably protect the seats and body paintwork from burnout and precipitation. Unlike purchased Chinese options of dubious quality, custom tailoring of a tent/cover on a motorcycle guarantees excellent performance, which ultimately will significantly save your budget and become a profitable investment for many years.

Tent fabrics

We use tent fabrics from two of the world's leading brands: DICKSON® and SUNBRELLA®. These are fabrics of exceptional durability, which are widely used in the field of sewing sun protection products for outdoor structures and water-motor recreation facilities.

Sunbrella fabric is made from high tenacity acrylic yarns that have been dyed at the liquid acrylic stage. Innovative production technologies guarantee a high degree of material strength throughout the entire service life.

Sunbrella fabric, compared to other tent fabrics, has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • High resistance to burnout, increased loads, adverse weather conditions and decay.
  • Easy to clean - the dirt-repellent, moisture-proof coating is self-cleaning. The appearance of our products is always on top!
  • Ecological compatibility. Sunbrella fabrics are Oeko-Tex and GREENGUARD certified, which guarantees complete safety for people and the environment.
  • The 5-year warranty is unparalleled on the outdoor fabric market.

You can always get more detailed information about the materials from the company's managers when placing an order. You can also order branding and outdoor advertising on the vehicle body in our company.

We provide a guarantee for each type of work and material. It is very important to us that the fruit of our efforts will serve you a long and pleasant service. We do everything to ensure that you enjoy our work and boldly recommend us to your friends!

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