Deck coating for yachts, boats

Deck coating is an important element in yachts and boats tuning, the choice of which must be approached with special care and attention. Thanks to the development of the technologies and the emergence of new materials, the traditional wood trim has been replaced by the durable and comfortable decking made of PVC, which has a number of advantages and an affordable price.

Eco-friendly and original roof decks imitating the teak wood have become a worthy alternative to the traditional deck. In the market of deck coatings, the artificial teak has long been firmly established. It's an ideal solution for those who are inspired by the natural beauty, but at the same time value the practicality and comfort of the trending materials. Unlike its traditional predecessors, the decking made of artificial teak has wide functional and financial advantages.

✔️ Faux teak decking fully imitates the color, texture and surface of the natural wood. At the same time, it is an excellent substitute for tropical wood, since such deck coating is durable regardless of operating conditions and does not require constant expensive maintenance.

✔️ It's an environmentally safe material, which can be to the full classified as Eco-Friendly.

✔️ The artificial teak has an affordable price, a presentable and aesthetic appearance, and can be easily installed on any functional surface.

✔️ During the installation work, the integrity of the hull doesn't suffer. The deck coating is placed in scarf joint on a special adhesive agent, without the need to drill holes for fasteners.

✔️ The wide scale of colours of the battens and the sealing compounds allows you to choose the right combination of shades for any interior design.

✔️ The non-slip surface minimizes the risk of injuries, while walking the coating leaves a pleasant tactile feeling.

✔️ The artificial decking has a high resistance to the mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation, temperature and humidity differences.

✔️ Even with a rather long service life, an artificial teak retains its original appearance: it does not fade or loses color, does not change the appearance and structure when fairly aggressive and highly coloring substances, like wine, salt, fuel, get in.


Faux teak deck coating 

In our company, you can buy a floor deck covering for boats, yachts and moorings with a turnkey installation in Kyiv and Ukraine. We offer you a full range of services for the manufacture and installation of the decking made of artificial teak. We use in our work the premium materials from the leading European companies specializing in tuning and detailing of yachts, boats, and other types of water transport.

The turnkey work includes:

1. Taking the measurements (patterns) from all the elements of your deck.

2. Design development and approval of the layouts, which is an integral part of completing the order. The layout is drawn following the outer perimeter of the patterns. The drawing of the future coating, configuration and filling are formed taking into account your wishes and technical features of the material and the deck.

3. Production of the decking according to the pattern and the preparation of the surfaces for the installation.

4. Laying (gluing) the material on the deck, sealing the seams, final grinding.


Artificial teak samples

Deck coating for yachts

KRUFFS agency is ready to offer to the private owners of motor yachts and boats, as well as to the corporate clients, a professional range of services for tuning the salons of yachts and boats, routine and seasonal maintenance of the water transport.

The following services are available:

✔️ laying of the decking;

✔️ polishing, protection and detailing of the hull;

✔️ dry cleaning, restoration and reupholstering of the interior;

✔️ development of the individual design / redesign of the cabin;

The service for the boats and yachts is carried out at the highest level, in accordance with the strict European standards. For each type of the work we provide you an official guarantee. It is very important for us that the result of our efforts will prove itself useful and durable. We want to do everything so that you enjoy our work and feel free to recommend us to your friends!

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