Sewing and hauling the seats of a helicopter, an airplane in Kiev. Re-equipment, restoration, design, tuning and deteyling of the aircraft cabin.

If the cabin of your air transport has lost its attractive appearance and needs to be updated, the specialists of the tuning studio KRUFFS will help to put it in order with minimal time and money.

We professionally carry out all types of work on the conversion and restoration of aircraft and helicopter salons. We do not transfer our work to contractors and third parties. Our studio is equipped with modern equipment, which guarantees prompt execution of the order, high quality and long life of finished products. All types of work are warranted.

Services of the KRUFFS premium studio:

✔️ Development of an individual personalized design. Selection of colors and textures, materials.

✔️ Change the anatomical shape of the seats and sofas, taking into account the functionality and wishes of the customer.

✔️ Comprehensive and partial re-equipment of the cabin. Replacing interior trim and lighting. Embedding additional furniture;

✔️ Restoration, repair and elimination of defects on plastic and upholstery of the aircraft / helicopter.

✔️ Polishing the body, removing scratches, stains, scuffs. Restore the color and gloss of the paintwork.

✔️ Pasting aircraft with vinyl film. Airbrushing and drawing logos on the body. Tinted glass.

✔️ Branded dry cleaning and the elimination of unpleasant odors in the cabin.

✔️ Repair and restoration of the original seat trim: removing tears, scuffs, scratches, burns.

✔️ Integrated hauling of the cabin of a helicopter, airplane. Change in style and design.

✔️ Tinted windows and windows of windows.

Hauling the cabin of a helicopter, aircraft: stages of work

You leave a request indicating the model of the helicopter, airplane, your wishes regarding the hauling. Assessment of the initial condition of the cabin. If necessary, a design project is being developed, our experts give recommendations and help you choose the material. An individual work plan is drawn up, payment terms and deadlines are specified. Masters take an order to work. Upon completion, you check the quality and enjoy the beauty and comfort of the renovated interior.

For all work performed, we provide a quality guarantee.

For the waist we use premium materials with increased operational load: genuine leather, Alcantara, eco-leather and other specialized fabrics.

You can order the seat trim using one material, or choose a combination design that will be a great addition to the interior of your aircraft.

The price for hauling the cabin of airplanes and helicopters is calculated individually, depending on the wishes of the customer, the complexity and scope of work, the initial condition of the cabin and the selected materials.

Interior hauling in the premium KRUFFS studio is:

✔️ Favorable prices and factory quality tailoring.

✔️ Professional designers, seamstresses, cutters and craftsmen.

✔️ Quality materials from the best world manufacturers.

✔️ Compliance with deadlines and arrangements.

✔️ Bonuses and discounts for regular customers.

You can get professional advice from specialists regarding hauling aircraft and helicopter salons by any contact phone, daily from 09:00 to 18:00

Our address: Kyiv, Zroshuvalna str., 6-A

+38 (068) 535 70 53
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