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Car interior reupholstering in Kyiv

KRUFFS Car Agency 


Upholstering and reupholstering of the car interior is a priority in the work of our car agency. The many years of experience and continuous improvement of the skills allow us to declare with confidence the highest quality of the provided services that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Our production facilities are equipped with the modern full-cycle equipment, which allows us to change the internal appearance of the car beyond recognition, to give it individuality and its own special style. When creating a new interior, we take into account the wishes of the client, as well as the styling of the car; let it be business class, executive, sports, family or town car.

Any works: interior redesign, complete reupholstering and partial seats upholstering, we perform after the coordination and approval of the layout. Intrusting your car to our care you can be calm and confident, that by the end of the work you will get the expected result that will please you for many years!

Individual reupholstering of the car interior

The interior of a car may require updating for many reasons: a dilapidated condition after long and intensive use, improper dry cleaning, emergency situations or the owner's desire to change radically the interior design.
The altering of the car interior of requires special attention to the choice of the materials: they should be durable, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean, have a nice appearance and suit the overall style of the interior.

Fortunately, the modern market offers a huge selection of the specialized fabrics for the car interior tuning. Faux leather, alcantara, velor, suede, marine and thermal vinyl have become popular among the clients and craftsmen. However, the most and invariably popular option for the car interior decoration is to upholster the interior with genuine leather.

The classic version of the interior upholstering with leather has long ceased to be boring and monotonous. There are different options for decorating the interior: combination of colors and textures of the material, embossment on the leather, use of contrasting and plain decorative stitching, piping, embroidery, laser engraving.
The individual tailoring of the salon helps to place correctly the accents that will emphasize effectively your status and the prestige of your car.

Development of the individual design project for interior upholstery 

Have you decided to order a full reupholstery of the interior and already imagined how it should be in the end? Contact us; we will gladly put your idea into reality. Nevertheless, if it’s still difficult for you to make a choice, the designers and masters of the KRUFFS are always ready to provide professional assistance in the selection of the materials, the development of an exclusive project and its subsequent implementation.


Partial reupholstering of the car interior in Kyiv

Partial reupholstering includes replacing the damaged or deformed upholstery elements. Depending on the tasks, we can make the reupholstering in different variants: with the exact selection of colors, material texture, accessories and the type of stitching, or with a contrasting accent, which is more actual in the cases of tuning and redesign of the interior.

The KRUFFS Car Agency offers you to upholster the interior of the car in any possible variations.

The following types of services are available:

✔️ development of the individual design/redesign of the interior;

✔️ tuning and re-equipment of the interior;

✔️ interior upholstery with genuine leather, alcantara, faux leather and other special fabrics;

✔️ interior upholstery with vinyl;

✔️ ceiling upholstery;

✔️ seat upholstery;

✔️ doors upholstery;

✔️ steering wheel upholstery and developing of an ergonomic upholstery design;

✔️ dashboard upholstery;

✔️ gearbox shift and hand brake lever upholstery;

✔️ repair and upholstery of the car seats;

✔️ interior restoration after an accident;

✔️ restoration of the car ceiling and seats after the airbag deployment;

✔️ change of the anatomical shape of the car seats.


Our possibilities do not end there. We also can offer our customers the services of the outer coating of the car with cover-up. We will help quickly and efficiently to cover your car with the protective polyurethane film with anti-gravel effect, colored vinyl film for car styling, decorative film imitating carbon, mate, chrome, chameleon.

For each type of the work and material we provide you a guarantee. It is very important for us that the result of our efforts will prove itself useful and durable. We want to do everything so that you enjoy our work and feel free to recommend us to your friends!

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