Retro Cars Restoration

Restoration of classic retro cars does not end with the repair of a body or a motor. Generally, the final stage includes renovation, reupholstering and detailing a retro car interior. After all, the very interior look allows to appreciate and feel the originality and spirit of the older days.

Our company specializes in such works and offers a full range of services for renovation, restoration and reupholstering the interiors of retro cars of any brand, model and year.

Skilled experts, individual approach, adhering to the technologies and professional instruments ensure the highest quality of the works performed.

What types of interior restoration exist?

Depending on the initial state of a retro car interior we can offer you the following restoration options:

1. Interior detailing means applying a protective coating, polishing parts, thorough cleaning surfaces, deep dry cleaning and restorative treatment of leather seats and floor coverings.

Retro car detailing also includes the elimination of small defects, namely, chips, scuff marks and fractures, from solid interior elements, wooden and plastic cover plates of a dashboard, steering wheel, gearbox lever, armrests, door inserts, etc. After this service, in merely a few hours, the interior will be restored to its original look and its original upholstery materials will be preserved in full.

2. Local interior elements reupholstering and interior restoration are recommended when it is necessary to repair seats and upholstery partially. Thanks to the special renovation technology, professional equipment and premium class care products all the tears, scratches and fractures on the natural leather upholstery will be removed along with refreshing its color and texture. If it is necessary, it is possible to reupholster individual parts: steering wheel braiding, seats, door cards, ceiling, dashboard. We select consumables very carefully when doing local restoration for vintage cars. Natural leather color range and texture are chosen to be as close to the original as it is possible.

3 Full retro car interior reupholsteringmeans full interior renovation. Depending on customer’s requests, we can develop a new exclusive design or repeat the original one keeping all the key features of the model.

Interior reupholstering at KRUFFS premium shop means:

✔️ Favorable prices and factory quality tailoring.

✔️ Professional designers, seamstresses, cutters and masters.

✔️ High-quality materials from worldwide best manufacturers.

✔️ Keeping terms and agreements.

✔️ Bonuses and discounts for loyal customers.

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