Car seat reupholstery

Car seat reupholstery is a key service of the KRUFFS car workshop. Modern equipment, extensive practical experience in the field of car interior upholstery and continuous skill development allow us to declare with confidence the highest quality of our services, which are capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Having entrusted us with your transport, you can be calm and confident that our  work will bring you the expected result, and you will have enjoyed them during many years.

Car seat reupholstery in Kyiv: top 5 reasons to replace a car seat cover 

✔️ Natural wear and tear. Even with the most careful handling, seats experience high operational loads. Over time, this leads to an inevitable loss of appearance: irreducible stains, abrasions, stretches, burns, cracks and scratches may appear on the upholstery. And while minor cosmetic defects can be corrected with the help of local repair or restoration, reupholstery is necessary to eliminate major mechanical damage.

✔️ Repair of seats after an accident. Almost all modern cars are equipped with seat cushions. A side collision can cause the cushion to explode and damage the upholstery of the car seat. Professional repairs and high-quality seat changes will restore the interior to its original appearance and safety while driving.

✔️ Replacement of the original upholstering. Quite often, we have to deal with new cars from the showroom. The reason is simple: the owner is not satisfied either with the trim level, or with the quality of the material. In this case, we perform a comprehensive seat reupholstery and replace the factory car fabric for premium leather or Alcantara.

✔️ Accidental damage to a part of the car seat. There are often cases when practically new seats are brought to us, but they have already suffered from animal claws or kids' antics. In such cases, partial seat reupholstery comes to the rescue. A material that completely repeats the original in color and texture is selected to make the insertion pieces.

✔️ Salon redesign. This option allows you to radically transform the interior of the car, to make it exclusive, to emphasize the personality, status and style of the owner. You can change the design and anatomical shape of the seats, combine fabrics with different colors and textures. Full seat reupholstery is an endless space for implementing the boldest ideas.

What fabric should I choose for seat reupholstery?

When choosing a material for seat upholstery, special attention should be paid to its operational characteristics. The fabric should be durable, as well as resistant to dirt, dampness, ultraviolet radiation. You should never save on car seat reupholstery. The modern market offers a wide range of fabric, but as practical experience shows, the most popular and reliable are: genuine leather, Alcantara, eco-leather and some varieties of auto-fabrics.

The leading place, by right, is occupied by natural leather. For many decades, it has been a constant component of premium cars. Leather seat reupholstery is suitable for those who value naturalness and real comfort. For such kind of reupholstery, special automotive leather is used, which has increased resistance to temperature extremes, chemicals, and mechanical stress. This is a durable option, however it should be noted that leather seats require regular surface maintenance.

Alcantara seat upholstery is suitable for those car owners who prefer comfort and pleasant tactile sensations. Alcantara is durable, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and fits perfectly into the interior of any salon. Alcantara upholstered car seats solve the problem with the temperature of the seat surface, and you will feel comfortable in all weather conditions. Alcantara seats do not need additional heating in winter and won't burn the skin in summer. Another nice bonus - Alcantara does not slip even during the steepest maneuvers and can be used to upholster the seats of sports cars.

Seat upholstery with eco-leather refers to more budgetary, but no less practical types of upholstery. Visually, it almost does not differ from natural skin, has an attractive price-quality ratio, has good performance, and is easy to maintain.

Professional seat reupholstery in Kyiv

If you need to properly reupholster the seats of a car, motorcycle, ATV, scooter, yacht, boat, airplane or helicopter - entrust this work to our specialists. We will be happy to develop a design and bring your idea to life.

In the KRUFFS auto shop you will find a large selection of quality materials for any financial capacity. The price of seat reupholstery in Kyiv is calculated individually and depends on a number of factors. The cost is influenced by the material, design, and of course on individual customer's wishes. For an accurate calculation of the price of the reupholstery, you can contact the company manager, and we will always find the best offer for your budget.  All types of work are covered by an official guarantee.

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