Polishing of the gelcoat of yachts, boats and jet skis 

Polishing of the yachts and boats is a complex treatment of the fiberglass hull with gelcoat coating, aimed at eliminating visible defects, restoring the appearance, protective properties, and the return of the color and mirror shine of the boat surface.

полировка корпуса яхты

Gelcoat polishing is a rather complicated process, the result and quality of which depends directly on the experience and professionalism of the performer. There are no trifles in this work. Careful adherence to the technology is important: the phased work, the availability of every specialized tool, the correct selection of the manufacturer and the grain of the polishing paste, the rotation speed of the polishing heads, the final protection. Meeting all the requirements, the result will speak for itself. When launching, the overboard water will flow unhindered on the perfectly smooth polished surface. And this is the guarantee that the aggressive components of the water, let it be salts, fuel residues, acids, mud streaks, will not linger on the hull. With the regular annual polishing, the gelcoat's service life extends significantly, which helps you to avoid the premature natural wear and the costly restoration of the hull. You can't but agree, that this is a fairly profitable investment.
A nice bonus that goes along with the polishing of yachts and boats is the ideal mirror surface of the sides, sparkling in the sun and beckoning to conquer the large expanses of water. Nothing can be better, except, perhaps, the fascinated looks and the pride for the luxurious appearance of your craft.


Polishing of the yachts and boats hulls by the KRUFSS specialists

We polish the yachts and boats using the original 3M™ gelcoat polishing system. We guarantee the high quality and effectiveness of this line of care, which includes all the necessary components: from washing and preparing the hull, till applying the finish coating.
A specialist of the company determines the necessary degree of polishing and the technology of work, after a preliminary assessment of the gelcoat condition.

засоби для полірування яхт


Types of the polishing of yachts and boats

1. Light cosmetic polish. Held by the prudent owners of the yachts and boats after each season of operation. Is suitable for new and well-maintained boats, in order to prevent the occurrence of microcracks and the subsequent destruction of the gelcoat. Closes the micropores, enhances the gloss, color depth and brightness, keeps the presentable appearance.

2. Medium abrasive (semi deep) polishing is carried out for the yachts and boats with minor but already noticeable hull defects. Using the soft abrasive pastes, a thin layer of the gelcoat is removed, after which the surface is restored by special agents, and a finish coating is applied.

3. The deep restoration polishing brings back to life the most tired and neglected hulls that had never seen care before. The deep polishing is intended to eliminate the scratches, scuffs and chips that appear on the gelcoat, but did not reach the base of the reinforced plastic. We use a number of pastes with a high degree of abrasion for polishing, with the help of special heads the damaged gelcoat layer is removed, after which the surface is cleaned of dust residues and polished with finishing agents. It is worth noting that with the right annual care, such an extensive polishing process can be avoided.


Tuning and detailing of the yachts and boats

Gelcoat polishing and restoration is not the only specialization of our company. We are ready to offer you a number of measures for tuning and detailing of the watercraft.

At your service:

✔️ Full-service and partial dry cleaning of the cabin.

✔️ Restoration of the furniture upholstery. Removal of the minor defects: tears, scuffs, scratches, burns. Color restoration and surface treatment of fabric, leather, marine vinyl with the hydrophobic protection agents.

✔️ Restoration and polishing of the decorative surfaces made of plastic, wood.

✔️ Interior redesign and reupholstering. We have a wide selection of the premium materials of various colors and textures. We make the upholstering taking into account the wishes of the customer and the specificity of the operation.

✔️ Laying of the environmentally friendly and original decking.

✔️ Protective coating of the hulls of yachts, boats, ships. Prevents the appearance of limescale, significantly reduces the fouling by algae.

✔️ Coating of the yachts and boats with the protective film. The high-strength polyurethane film is applied to the area of the ladder, handles, thresholds and other parts of the body that are at risk of damage.

✔️ Coating of the hull and interior details with decorative film (color vinyl, chrome, carbon, chameleon, advertising and logos application, vinylography).

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