Sound insulation

Sound insulation and vibration insulation of the car in Kyiv

Sound insulation and vibration insulation of the car is a comprehensive service aimed at eliminating excessive noise and vibration in the vehicle interior. In pursuit of the economical production and environmental friendliness of manufactured vehicles, the car manufacturers optimize the material consumption and final cost, sometimes forgetting about comfort. The metal body is becoming thinner, the structures more simplified... Consequently, the level of the sound insulation in the cabin is reduced, and the vibration from the work of the "under-the-hood" is damped only partially. If we add to this picture the environment of the metropolis, you can forget about the comfortable driving. A very small part of cars, including those of the premium segment, is equipped with an insulated cabin. For this reason, the service of vibration and noise insulation of the car in Kyiv is so relevant and in demand.


Sound insulation of the car: what for do you need it?

The sound insulation of a car in the conditions of city driving is not a luxury, but a harsh vital necessity. The properly executed sound insulation will increase qualitatively the level of comfort from the staying in the cabin. The sound insulation functionality can apparently be divided into several types:

1. Reducing background noise. You will no longer need to raise your voice in an attempt to shout out the rumble from the engine, the noise from the wheels and the road surface, the street sounds.

2. Reducing vibration pressure, eliminating the squeaking. Constant obsessive rattling in the cabin can irritate even the calmest driver. The sound insulation of the cabin will not only eliminate the unpleasant background noise, but also save your nerves.

3. Thermal insulation. A pleasant side effect of the sound insulation is the additional thermal insulation of the body. This function is especially relevant in the engine compartment;

4. Acoustic comfort. The high-quality sound insulation makes it possible to truly enjoy the music and feel the full strength and purity of your sound system.


Types of the sound insulation

The sound insulation a car can be either complex or partial. However, it is worth paying attention that there is no universal material. High-quality and professional sound insulation must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's technical recommendations.

The sound insulation works are divided into the following types:

✔️ Sound insulation of the wheel arches.

✔️ Sound insulation of the motor hood.

✔️ Sound insulation of the top;

✔️ Sound insulation of the doors;

✔️ Sound insulation of the floor.

Each body element has its own vibration and noise insulation materials, which differ in composition, thickness, structure and functions. Only a correctly selected sound insulation can guarantee the maximum effect and a long service life.


Sound insulation of your car in the KRUFFS agency

The specialists of our company have many years of experience, constantly improving their skills in the field of sound insulation.

In addition to the car sound insulation service, in our agency you can order an exclusive service of sound insulation of an airplane, helicopter, yacht, boat. We carry out our work in full compliance with the technological processes and give the guaranteed high result on the sound insulation of the cabin, able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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