Car glass tinting

Car glass tinting is the fastest, most affordable and effective type of external tuning that will help to change radically the appearance of the car: to hide the interior from prying eyes, keep the inside of the car warm in winter, protect it from excessive heat in summer and save on air conditioning. It's not a complete list of reasons why the car glass tinting service in Kyiv is so popular among the car owners.

Glass tinting can be done in several ways:

1. Tint film. Nowadays it's the most popular and multifunctional version of tinting. It is carried out by pasting the car windows with tinting films that have different properties and degree of dimming.

2. Standard factory tinting. The original factory glass is poured out of the glass mass with the addition of special reflective components that have the ability to partially absorb and reflect the visible, infrared (thermal) and ultraviolet radiation (sunlight spectrum).

3. Spray tinting. A couple of decades ago, this method was considered a special luxury and the latest fashion trend. A thin layer of the metallized coating was sprayed onto the glass surface. Usually, the spraying was carried out in crude conditions, for this reason it was very short-living and had a number of significant drawbacks. Fortunately, today this method has sunk into oblivion, replaced by modern and durable materials.

4. Removable tinting. Allows you to remove and install the tinting pads as needed all by yourself. However, it is worth considering that most of these accessories do not meet the requirements of the traffic laws of Ukraine and international safety standards of the EU and may be the reason for fines. 


KRUFFS tinting center: tinted glass in Kyiv 

KRUFFS tinting center is a complete service for high-quality car glass tinting in Kyiv. We value our reputation, money and time of our clients, therefore we use only modern, tested and reliable materials for glass tinting in our work.

Here you can order the tinting of the car windows with premium class tint films from the USA, from such companies as: Ultra Vision, 3M, ASWF, LLumar, SunTek.

We use in our work the tint film with a wide range of colors and shades of different functionality, degree of light transmission and protection from the solar energy and ultraviolet rays.

The specialists of the KRUFFS tinting center will advise and help you to choose the most optimal version of the tint film, which will not only protect you against excessive sunlight and prying eyes, but also will emphasize the personality of your car.

Window tinting is carried out in compliance with all technological requirements. You can be sure of the quality of the service provided and durability of the result. All works and materials are provided with an official guarantee.


The following car window tinting services are available in Kyiv: 

✔️ The whole car tinting 

✔️ Tinting Allowed according to the State Standards of Ukraine (GOST) and European standards (EN).

✔️ Windshield tinting

✔️ Windshield tinting with a sunscreen strip

✔️ Rear window tinting

✔️ Side windows tinting

✔️ Athermal car tinting using the athermal film: Ultra Vision 80, 3M Crystalline CR 90, 3M Crystalline CR 70, 40

✔️ Exclusive tinting: car glass tinting with mirror and color films, tinting films with color transition (gradient), chameleon tinting 

✔️ Armoring of the side windows and windshield

✔️ Removal of the tint film from selected glasses

✔️ Applying the film to the selected elements of the car

✔️ Flocking the seals

✔️ Headlights, brake lights and taillights tinting 

✔️ Headlights armoring with the protective film

We can competently tint a car of small, medium, executive and business class, minivan, minibus, SUV. We also carry out the particularly sophisticated glass tinting options for light-engine aircrafts, helicopters, yachts and boats.

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