Anti-gravel car body protection in Kyiv: pasting with protective film, lamination, nanoceramics

Anti-gravel car body protection (protective detailing) is a set of preventive measures that helps to prevent damage to the paintwork and subsequent corrosion processes. The protective coating of the car reliably saves the vehicle body from the mechanical stress: prevents scratches, matting, chips, oxides and resins adhesion, gives shine and color saturation.


What for do you need the car body protection?

Even a new car with intensive use can lose its original gloss and attractiveness in a matter of months. The road conditions in Kyiv leave much to be desired: gravel, stones, dust become the cause of the loss of gloss, minor damages and chips on the surface of the paintwork. High humidity, combined with a mixture of chemical reagents and salt, which are rich in our roads in the autumn and winter, catalyze the corrosion when meet the flaws in the body.

The heavy traffic also does not add joy: an unsuccessful maneuver in a traffic jam or during the parking can leave a scattering of scratches on the body, and a light blow can damage the integrity of headlights and optics.

As a result, we get the rust and delamination of the coating, which do not spare even new and expensive cars, costly repair and restoration. You can avoid all of the above problems with timely protection of the body, which will cost several times cheaper and help maintain a good appearance of the car for many years.


Protective coatings for cars: types and benefits

Body protection can be made in several ways. The most effective and popular method of protective detailing is pasting a car with a protective film; the second place is steadily occupied by the nanoceramics of the body. In its turn, the film protective coatings for cars are divided into several types that differ in composition, functionality, durability, reliability and strength.

These include:

✔️ Anti-gravel polyurethane film;

✔️ Vinyl film for car lamination.


Anti-gravel car body protection

The anti-gravel film leads in the degree of protection of the paintwork, possessing the highest strength and wear resistance. It is made from the high quality polyurethane, 200 microns thick. It has excellent extensibility, which allows it to be applied to the areas of the complex shapes. Most often, covering with the anti-gravel film is performed on the selected parts of the body, which are subject to the increased wear. The standard set of protection with anti-gravel film is the front part of the car (bumper, headlights, fog light, part of the hood and wings, mirrors, sills), as well as the rear bumper, rear wheel arches, wheel arch edges. At the request of the customer, the complete car coting with anti-gravel film is also possible.


Lamination of the car body with a vinyl film

Lamination of the car body is performed as the complete covering of the body with a transparent glossy vinyl film, 100 microns thick. The vinyl film for lamination is absolutely invisible, it is easy to apply to any relieve surface and has low cost. The service life is 5-7 years, after which it is removed without any trace from the surface of the body.


Lamination or anti-gravel: which film to choose?

Before making the final choice of the protective coating for the body, the car owner needs to understand what budget he has and what result he expects to get in the end.
The vinyl laminating film belongs to a more low cost category; it is able to protect the car body from chips, fine gravel, scuffs on branches and shrubs, fading of the paintwork, influence of the aggressive chemicals.
The anti-gravel film has a higher cost, which can most likely be seen as a profitable investment than costs. The polyurethane anti-gravel film has enhanced protection properties and the ability to "dampen" the blow, which means that anti-gravel protection will be effective in serious situations, like minor accidents and scratches.


Armored film for headlights and optics

Armoring of the headlights with a protective film increases their strength several times. The ability to distribute the impact force reliably protects the optics of a car from the mechanical damage and blurred lenses. At the same time, the light transmission of the headlights remains at the same level. Covering the headlights with the protective film can be carried out in a few hours and has an affordable cost.


Nanoceramics: perfect gloss and body protection

The nanoceramic coating is another fairly popular method that gives an additional body protection. A special agent based on the silicate compounds is used for the processing. Before applying the nanoceramics, the body surface undergoes the preliminary preparation: it is thoroughly cleaned; scratches and visible defects are removed by grinding and polishing.

The nanocoating has several advantages:

- It improves significantly the appearance of the car, gives shine and enhances the color depth.

- It has increased strength, incredible transparency and resistance to chemicals. It protects the paintwork from fading, bleaching, scratches, influence of the chemicals and bird droppings;

- The nanoceramic is completely hydrophobic and repels most of the contaminants from the surface, which significantly increases the interval between car washes.

The nanoceramics can be applied either as a separate type of body protection, or in combination with protective films. In the latter case, the non-filmed body sections are treated with the nanoceramic coating. For example, the hood and wings are covered with an anti-gravel film, and the nanoceramics is applied to the roof of a car.


Protection of the hulls of yachts, boats, crafts: covering with vinyl film

The watercraft hull also needs the reliable protection. The gelcoat on the sides can be damaged in the moment of mooring, or because of friction against the underwater obstacles: driftwood, rocks, debris. As in the case of cars, the best option would be covering the hull of a yacht or boat with the vinyl film. This is a great alternative to the annual cosmetic repair. Among the advantages of vinyl, the affordable cost is worth noting, as well as the durability and high resistance to the mechanical damage, fresh and salt water, chemical agents, temperature jumps.

In addition to the protective properties, the vinyl film can be an excellent material for branding. Using vinyl, you can quickly and drastically change the color of the hull, apply any image, inscription, logo or advertisement.

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